Aquaponics: Eat Your Greens and Enjoy Your Fish, Too


Aquaponics. Sounds like a perfect way to create a balanced diet: Lettuce, fish, throw in some chips, a nibble of chocolate and I’m game.

But aquaponics is so much more than good eats. It’s a method to help feed the masses within a close-looped system that utilizes a fraction of the energy required of a more traditional model.

While aquaponics has been around for years, it’s gaining popularity as our concerns for food safety, water quality and overall food sustainability are on the rise. The general application for aquaponics is to use the excretions from the fish to help fertilize the plants.

Here is a basic diagram displaying the elements of aquaponics:  aquaponics image source

In our latest emagazine edition, we feature Urban Organics, an aquaponic grower located in Minnesota, just as they’re repurposing an old Hamm’s brewery. Learn more here.

Four more aquaponic growers you have to see:

If you’re operating a large-scale aquaponics system, let us know! We like to keep an on eye people like that.

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