September Johannesburg Summit on Launching Successful Commercial Indoor Farming in Africa and its Cities


South Africa will play host to the inaugural Urban Agri Summit 2017 in Johannesburg this September 7-8. The two-day event will bring together stakeholders from the Vertical Farming, Greenhouse and Control Environment Agriculture sectors to discuss Launching Successful Commercial Indoor farming for Africa.

Feeding Africa’s rapidly growing urban population is a daunting challenge for Governments. Africa has the most rapid urbanisation rate in the world, and by 2034 a larger working-age population than China or India. This demographic challenge – together with the devastating effects of climate change and pressures on conventional farming – sets the stage for the growth of urban agriculture and innovation in food production.

Various initiatives have already been undertaken by South Africa to spur innovation in its agriculture sector. Together with other Sub-Saharan African cities in Nigeria and Kenya, South African metropolises are joining the footsteps of many global cities to introduce sustainable urban indoor farming. Africa has unique opportunities for vertical farms and Controlled Environment Agriculture. Vertical farming (including its variations) is one of the most innovative approaches that can be tapped as part of an effort to grow fresh, healthy, nutritious and pesticide-free food for consumers.

PDF brochure: UrbanAgriSummit2017_Brochure

Highlights of the Summit include insightful presentations and engaging panel discussions by international organizations and experts from Europe, the Middle East, Australia and the USA, combined with a technology showcase.

Maggie Tan, the CEO of the conference-organizing company, Magenta Global (Singapore), added: “We are very excited to be working with various stakeholders The main goal is the exchange of information on the present and future direction of technology enabled food production and picking up what is relevant for your geography and business. Africa has a late-mover advantage in developing an eco-system. She can learn from the successes and failures of others and ultimately leapfrog ahead with advanced technologies and the industry’s best practices.”

This industry event is supported by the Association for Vertical Farming (AVF).


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