Hydroponic Intensive Workshops at the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center

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The Controlled Environment Agriculture Center of the University of Arizona presents Hydronic Intensive Workshop event on October 12-15, 2018.

Why Intensitve Workshops?

Education Immediately meets application

CEAC’S unique facilities support a quality learning experience, where knowledge from classroom lectures is immediately applied in the greenhouse.

Substancial time for immersion

The length and thoroughness of CEAC Intensive Workshops is unmatched! Each course contains 40+ hours of lecture and hands-on work in the greenhouse.

Experience yields efficiency

CEAC Intensive Workshops have been around for 10 years. With a database of 100’s of common questions and strategic delivery of content, we will address many of your questions naturally throughout the workshop. In addition, our limited class size offers the opportunity to address questions more specific to your operation.


Limited seating available so check it out and register at http://ceac.arizona.edu/intensive

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