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Conference Theme Announcement: Putting Out Fruits

This year’s Aquaponics Association Annual Conference theme is “Putting Out Fruits”. Putting Out Fruits will take place in Frankfort, Kentucky at Kentucky State University on September 20 – 22nd, 2019.

Head to the Putting Out Fruits homepage for ticket info. (

The aquaponics movement is expanding rapidly, and the Aquaponics Association’s annual conferences are growing along with it. Two years ago we were in Portland, Oregon for “Putting Down Roots”; and last year we were in Hartford, Connecticut for “Putting Up Shoots”. Finally, this year’s theme reflects the culmination of our journey as we take the next step learning and growing together. We will produce tangible “fruits” to advance the practice of aquaponics, both for individual growers and for the aquaponics movement as a whole.

A major component of the Conference will be the tour and interactive session at the KSU Aquaculture Research Center. This Center hosts one of the most advanced aquaculture research programs in the nation, including indoor aquaponics research systems, saltwater aquaponics research, a 30’ x 70’ aquaponics demonstration greenhouse, a 10,000sq foot recirculating aquaculture research building, and 33 research ponds.

We’ve heard from many of you through our online survey [thank you for your input!] and we are excited to focus this year’s content around the following hot topics:

  • Integrated pest management
  • Nutrient deficiencies and nutrient supplementation
  • STEM curriculum and classroom aquaponics
  • Growing cannabis in controlled environments
  • Food safety
  • Organic certification
  • International case studies
  • “Green” solution applicationsSuccesses with higher risk / higher reward and non-typical crops in aquaponics
  • Post-secondary aquaponics research

Conference attendees will walk away with cutting edge information, new connections and a greater understanding of core knowledge and best practices. In addition to farm-to-table tours and hands on activities, learning tracks will focus on Aquaponics Research, STEM Education, hobby/home aquaponics, commercial farming, and community based endeavors. Interactive sessions will allow all participants to discuss and plan what we can do together to advance aquaponics.

As always, the Conference will feature top aquaponics experts and a vendor showroom of aquaponics technology and services.

We are also still looking for presenters to cover the following topics: aquaculture and fish diseases (recognition and treatment); filtration and biofiltration; automation of aquaponics systems (feeding, monitoring, etc.); and case studies of successful small / medium / large growing facilities. Please submit presentation proposals by July 15.

To purchase your ticket and/or to submit a presentation proposal, please visit

2 thoughts on “Aquaponics Association 2019 Conference

  1. Dear conference organizer,
    My name is Brian Cao writing from China. I just found out your webpage recently and am very interested in attending your annual conference to be hold in September. I have set up a demo aquaponic system for commercial production of fishes and leafy greens (about 1000 square meters) , and would like to share my experience with others in the conference as international case study. Would you please let me know if there is still a slot available for me to present and how long it will be, also when is the deadline for conference registration. I look forward in hearing from you soon, and please feel free to contact me if more information is needed. Thank you!
    Best regards,
    Brian Cao

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