Illumitex Pivots to a Pure-Play AgTech FarmVisionAI™ Company

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Illumitex terminates LED lighting operations to accelerate FarmVisionAI™, a computer-vision artificial-intelligence platform uniquely enabling the digital transformation of indoor farming

PRESS RELEASE Illumitex, the digital horticulture company, is pivoting to become a pure AgTech computer-vision AI company that deploys edge vision systems, edge AI, and cloud services to provide visualization and augmented intelligence for controlled environment agriculture, CEA. “With installations ramping, we are seeing that FarmVisionAI™ is more valuable to farmers than LED lighting and we are refocusing our resources to accelerate deployments” said Jeff Bisberg, CEO. “By capturing images of every plant at every moment, we create a unique data-set that allows us to close the digital feedback loop and drive amazing new outcomes, at scale, for our customers.”

FarmVisionAI™ provides three groups of features that can be of high value to the operation.

  1. Visualization: Growers and farmers can see every plant on the farm from anywhere at any time. This provides confidence and assurance as to what is happening to the crop and enables remote high-resolution scouting. Expert consultancy is also available to enhance your team in the detection and solution of anomalies.
  2. Augmented intelligence: Horticulturist curated AI provides accurate digital scouting of what’s happening with the crops. We detect, report, and alert. A pipeline of new detections provides continued value and intelligence expansion.
  3. Labor management: Monitor and track exactly where every person is on the farm by utilizing heat maps, pictures, locations, and activities.

Some of the benefits of FarmVisionAI™ include:

Reduced scouting time. Because the system looks at every plant every hour, the user can see at high resolution what is happening on the farm. This can be used to direct more intensive scouting efforts to the areas where plants are in stress.

Reduced Labor. We see where your labor has been, for how long, and where they have not been. Create achievable benchmarks for your procedures from real data and use that to drive to better efficiencies. Catch areas that have been missed.

Loss prevention. By detecting anomalies faster, losses are reduced giving a higher average yield. The time travel feature allows you to “rewind” the clock virtually and see exactly where, what, who, and how that problem occurred.

Weight Increase. Through real-time digital growth rate monitoring and benchmarking best practices, iterative grows can increase in average weight. Also available, our expert consultancy will look at the daily images and provide advice on how to improve grow performance.

Faster Turns. FarmVisionAI™ sees wasted time and space and sends alerts to create urgency to maximize production in your facility.

Insurance. Get piece of mind that your plants are being looked after, no matter how far away the greenhouse is located, what kind of weather it is outside, or who is on vacation. You can log-in and see it at high resolution. See and validate that SOP’s are consistent across multiple sites.

Illumitex’s FarmVisionAI™ can be deployed in any grow architecture from containers, to vertical, to warehouse, to greenhouse. Easy installation, without the need for motors or tracks, and does not require the deployment of registration markers in the grow. Cameras are wireless and connect to our cloud through Illumitex deployed gateways and on-site server.

Currently the system works with leaf greens and determinant plants. While the first AI algorithms are cannabis focused, new detections can be activated with as little as 10,000 images of the desired detection target.

About Illumitex, Inc.: Illumitex is breaking the boundaries of digital transformation of indoor farming with hi-res cameras integrated with cloud-based horticulturist-curated artificial intelligence to deliver radically new value to growers and farmers. With more than a decade of experience in horticultural science, an absolute dedication to quality and performance, and knowledgeable support for the success of every customer, grow and crop – Illumitex, Inc. is the optimum partner for your greenhouse, vertical farm or any indoor grow initiative.

To learn more about what FarmVisionAI™ can do for your grow and to see a live demo contact us

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