New organic product promises to increase yields for conventional growers

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Enriched Biochar Biology Blend, a new substrate additive designed to increase yields was launched in June to coincide with the first day of the Green Tech trade event in Amsterdam.

Carbon Gold’s Biology Blend is an easy-to-use growing additive suitable for conventional, hydroponic and organic cultivation systems. The product is a unique blend of biochar, bacteria, fungi and trace elements that boosts yields by improving plant health and increasing the efficiency of nutrient uptake.

The product has been tested in both organic soils and a range of conventional substrates including coir, Rockwool and peat by UK and European growers over the last three seasons.   


Biochar is a highly porous form of charcoal that improves water retention and nutrient efficiency and acts as a host for beneficial soil microbes. Biology Blend is enriched with mycorrhizal and trichoderma fungi which in combination with biochar, creates a healthy, living, growing-medium around the root systems of plants.  

James MacPhail, Commercial Director at Carbon Gold, says, “Conventional growers are increasingly looking to organics for best practice in terms of soil management. It’s logical that increasing natural biology in a sterile substrate to improve root morphology should increase the health and yield of the plants being grown.

“Bringing an organic Soil Association and SKAL approved product into the conventional market place is in line with our strategy to support the sustainable intensification of commercial horticulture. This new product can be applied in all substrates and we challenge glasshouse growers to try it in their systems and put the product to the test.”

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