Working with numbers to assess your productivity – g/kWh & g/mol PAR

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In this month’ Indoor Ag Science Café, Chieri Kubota at the Ohio State University, reviewed two metrics that scientists and indoor growers can use to assess the crop productivity grown under electric lighting. ‘Working with numbers to assess your productivity – gram yield per kWh & gram yield per mole PAR’ was a number-intensive talk where Chieri explain how these numbers are used and found in your production system or available information in publications. Electric energy consumption is only a part of the total cost but important cost that can be managed so that productivity and therefore profitability can be improved.  The presentation also covers some critical factors such as lighting efficiency and re-spacing to improve the productivity. Indoor Ag Science Café is a monthly based open forum for indoor growers and scientists. Anyone is welcome to participate to better understand and support this emerging industry.  At the beginning of recording, you will find the upcoming cafés’ schedule and speakers.

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