Pro-Tip Number 1: Measure these 9 items.

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When you know the 9 cardinal parameters of plant science, you’re able to smell a fraud.

The best in the industry know that no one item determines successful plant production. Instead, they look to the 9 Cardinal Parameters of Plant Science: 


Learn more with Dr Ricardo Hernandez and the Farmer Tyler:


Learn more with Dr Cheiri Kubota:

Wind (Air Flow)

Learn more with Dr AJ Both:


Learn more with Dr Nadia Sabeh


Learn more from a leading crop consultant:

Root-Zone Temperature

Learn more from a leading grower:


Learn more from Dr Dan Gillespie:


Learn more from Dr. Paul Fisher:


Learn more from leading crop consultant:

Professionals know that anyone who says you can have success on your farm by overly manipulating one of these variables is full of you know what. Each one works together. So if you manipulate one, you must address them all.

For more educational information on this topic:

Mastering CEA Technology:

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