‘Back to Basics – Plant responses to temperature by Dr. Chieri Kubota


This month’s indoor ag science café covered more basics understanding of how temperature affects plants and which parameters are important to consider. Plant responses are specific to species and cultivars. Dr. Chieri Kubota, from the Ohio State University, also pointed out that scientists do not have these specific (or precise) information of optimum temperatures.  As general understanding, she talked about the importance and challenges of measuring plant temperature, daily average temperatures and cumulative temperature response.

Indoor Ag Science Café is an outreach program of our project OptimIA, funded by USDA SCRI grant program. The café forums are designed to serve as precompetitive communication platform among scientists and indoor farming professionals. The Café presentations are available from our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjwIeYlKrzH_uppaf2SwMIg4JyGb7LRXC   

Contact Chieri Kubota at the Ohio State University (Kubota.10@osu.edu) to be a Café member to participate. 

Indoor Ag Science Cafe


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