On Our Urban Ag Radar: Substrates for Strawberries, Brooklyn Grange Gets Growing and a Texas-Style Steward’s Dinner


Who doesn’t love a good strawberry? If not for a fresh-from-the-garden boozy strawberry lemonade, I don’t know how I’d make it through a hot and humid Iowa summer. I’m sure Riococo knows exactly what I’m talking about. Look at these gorgeous “fields” of strawberries flourishing in Riococo coir substrates.

RIOCOCO brand coir substrate

RIOCOCO brand coir substrate

RIOCOCO brand coir substrate

Learn more about Riococo’s growing products, including Grow Bags and Coco Blocks here. Be sure to give them a big ‘ol LIKE on Facebook too.

Brooklyn Grange is planting seeds. Are you?
I have a hard time containing my excitement for these rooftop gardening folks! In the heart of New York, Brooklyn Grange is flinging dirt like they’re in the middle of Iowa’s planting season. Don’t tell me you’re not jealous. I’m still waiting for the snow to melt!

Brooklyn Grange rooftop garden

Brooklyn Grange rooftop garden

Bet you wish this was your playground. I do. Stay up-to-date with the Grange on Facebook.

If you’re planting seeds, I want to know about it. Send me your pictures, tell me your story, hell, drop me a line just to say hi: katie@katieketelsen.com.

And finally: Urban Acres sets the Texas table.
As much as I wish I was getting my hands dirty on the Grange, I might be more inclined to travel south (this girl needs some sun) and belly up next to Joel Salatin at an evening of sustainable farm talk and good eats.

Steward Dinner at Urban Acres

Best part of the locally donated meal is that proceeds go towards furthering the sustainable cause with a workshop on Clean Economy. Buy your meal tickets this weekend and you’ll get some urban-farming swag! (Again – wish I was in Texas). Here’s the shirt — and here’s the details on how to get one for yourself.

Urban Acres shirt

I’ve got a serious crush on Urban Acres’ style. I hope you take advantage of this if you’re in the south! If you’re like me (not in Texas), get your fix on their Facebook page.

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