A Love Affair With Agriculture – No Therapist Required


Randy Butts, owner of Eden Farms Inc., spent 10 years working as an engineer before he finally listened to his heart and made the decision to do what he really wanted to do: Become a grower.

Quick question…..

Seriously though.
Do you love your job?
Take a cue from Randy and start following your dreams.
Do it already!

Alright….enough with that.

Obviously, I found Randy’s story inspirational. What kind of guy leaves a presumingly well-paid job for a career in agriculture? Let me tell you friends, it’s a rarity. But he’s living the dream. You can see it in his smile.


Truth-be-told, I’m envious.

Think now maybe you should read his story?
Oh, still need convincing?

Hear how he had to diversify his crop after he lost a major basil customer. What would you do if you lost your largest customer? Could your business survive? 
Read how Randy expanded his greenhouse from 5,000-square-foot to over 22,000-square-foot.


Ahem…notice, Randy is smiling…..again. And that’s not just for the camera.  

And see how he’s planning to expand his market to find new customers. The whole article is a good read.

Learn more about Eden Farms on their website and stay up-to-date with them on Facebook.

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