USDA New Video from the Grow Dat Youth Farm 


The Grow Dat Youth Farm teaches young adults to work the land using sustainable agricultural practices. Grow Dat operates at City Park an area of New Orleans that was once a golf course that was destroyed after Hurricane Katrina and was given to Tulane University to develop Grow Dat Youth Farm.

The mission of Grow Dat Youth Farm is to nurture a diverse group of young people based on the premise of growing food using sustainable practices.  By working with Grow Dat, youth between the ages of 15 – 25 learn not only important life skills but also the importance of community and how agriculture can unite us all.

Grow Dat is the recipient of USDA’s Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production (UAIP) grant, which supports Grow Dat’s mobile food access expansion project. With the help of the grant, Grow Dat is strengthening communities by providing access to nutritious food and fresh harvests. 

Currently, USDA is accepting applications for UAIP grants. Applications are due April 9, 2024 via

Learn more about UAIP grants.

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