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Urban Ag News Issue 11  |  October 2015

Greenhouse growers continue to look for ways to produce their crops more sustainably. Houweling’s Tomatoes new greenhouse tomato operation in Mona, Utah, takes sustainability to the next level by incorporating waste heat and carbon dioxide from a neighboring power plant in this 28-acre facility. Even better, 95 percent of the tomatoes are sold “locally” within the state.
Greenhouse growers looking to produce edible crops will want to be sure to read the article on food safety. Phil Tocco, food safety educator at Michigan State University Extension, discusses how the Food Safety Modernization Act will require growers to safely produce and package edible crops.
Whether growers choose to use water-driven injectors or a fully-automated control system depends on what makes sense for their operation and for their business plan. The article on fertigation can help growers decide what level of technology they are ready to incorporate into their greenhouses. They may prefer a hands-on system that offers simplicity and flexibility or they may choose an automated large capacity system that is centralized.


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