Workshop: HVAC Fundamentals for Growing Indoors

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How to leverage environmental control for profitability

Whether you’re growing in a greenhouse, warehouse, or container, climate management is key to the success of your operation. If you’re ready to improve your understanding of HVAC systems, how they impact crop health and productivity, and aren’t afraid to use a calculator, this hands-on workshop is for you!

Dr. Nadia Sabeh (aka. “Dr. Greenhouse”) is an Agricultural and Mechanical Engineer with nearly 20 years of experience designing climate management systems (HVAC) for indoor plant production facilities, including greenhouses, vertical farms, plant factories, container farms, cannabis grows, and mushroom houses.

Dr. Sabeh is a licensed Mechanical Engineer in Sacramento, CA.


Date: Friday, October 27, 2017

Time: 1:00-5:00pm

Where: Denver, CO @Blue Moon Brewing Company

Who: Dr. Greenhouse (Dr. Nadia Sabeh)

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Topics covered:

1. Introduction to HVAC system types for both greenhouses and indoor farms

2. How to calculate basic heating, cooling, and humidity loads

3. Review of design criteria and constraints that are unique to each grow operation

4. Introduction to the Psychrometric chart and why it’s important

5. How to measure plant evapotranspiration rates to improve HVAC design

6. Being able to differentiate between the “good” and the “too-good-to-be-true”

7. Overview of basic terms and concepts in horticulture and engineering


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