Why is ICCEA being held in Panama?


Ever since I started sharing information on the International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture, I keep getting one question (over and over.)

Why is the #ICCEA2015 being held in Panama City, Panama?

There are many possible answers:

1.) The Panamanian Governments is extremely interested in developing and building their controlled environment agriculture industry. (My next blog entry will highlight this and the financial incentives.)

2.) Due to the Panama Canal, Panama plays a very important role in logistics and the global transportation of food .

3.) This is an international conference and Panama is a good location that is easy to access from many parts of the world.

All of those are great answers….but lets face it the best answer is, Panama is a beautiful country with amazing people and great food. Anyone interested in attending should watch this video and try to find a couple of extra days for vacation.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the conference or Panama.

-Chris Higgins