University of Florida Greenhouse Training Online courses Advanced Nutrient Management (Level 2)

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Join the 443 growers who have successfully graduated from Greenhouse Training Online courses offered by the University of Florida IFAS Extension (UF). This advanced course is designed for experienced growers or technical managers in the US and other countries. The course is offered in English and Spanish. by learning about lime, water quality, plant species, nitrogen form, and root substrate. Convert fertilizer units and formulate a fertilizer from individual salts. Diagnose nutritional problems and take corrective actions.


The course runs for 4 weeks, from August 22 to September 16, 2016. It costs $US 200 per participant, and includes a personalized certificate of completion. Each week there are two streaming video lessons, readings and assignments (about 3-4 hours total commitment per week), which can be accessed at any time of day. Bilingual PhD instructors can be accessed via discussion features.Click here to register (

For more information, go to under “training” and “online courses”, or contact Paul Fisher, Ph.D., Rosanna Freyre, Ph.D., Environmental Horticulture Dept., University of Florida, USA,

Interested in other courses? UF online courses on management of diseases (starts 9/26) & weeds (starts 10/24) are also offered in 2016. Check out lighting and root zone management courses from Michigan State University, greenhouse plant physiology & technology at the University of Arizona, and greenhouse management at the University of Arkansas


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