Univ of Florida Training Online courses for Advanced Nutrient Management

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University of Florida Greenhouse Training Online courses

Advanced Nutrient Management /Manejo Avanzado de Nutrientes

Train yourself, or your staff, to make better crop management decisions by learning in depth aspects of plant nutrition management. This course covers multiple aspects of pH management, how to formulate your own fertilizer from individual salts, and diagnose nutritional problems and take corrective actions. Advanced Nutrient Management is the fifth course of the Greenhouse Training Online program offered by the University of Florida IFAS Extension, winner of the 2018 ASHS Extension Division Education Materials Award. This course is advanced level, designed for an experienced, well-trained grower, or upper university level. The course is offered in English and in Spanish.

The course runs from September 3 to 28, 2018. It costs $US 199 per participant, and includes a personalized certificate of completion. Over 4 weeks, there are streaming video lessons, readings and assignments (about 3-4 hours total commitment per week), which can be accessed at any time of day. Click here to register (http://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/training/)/.

PDF: Advanced Nutrient Mgt 2018


For more information, go to http://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/training/, or contact Greenhouse Training, Environmental Horticulture, University of Florida, USA, Email: greenhousetraining@ifas.ufl.edu.

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