Responding to Growing Trends: Increasing Capacity for California Aquaponic Agriculture through targeted education

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So you’ve heard about aquaponics, an exciting new method to grow fruits and vegetables using nutrients from fish, but information on this farming technology is challenging to apply. Well, look no further and join UC Aquaculture Extension for an in-depth short course on the merger of aquaculture and hydroponic agriculture. In an effort to inform California agriculture professionals and educators from across California, we are inviting you to participate in this free training consisting of:

  • (5) 90 minute brown bag lunch remote learning sessions on Fridays, starting 9/30/22 – 10/28/22
  • Plus a 2-day optional in-person workshop at UC Davis (lodging and meals not provided) 12/2-3/22

Who should apply

State, County and Federal Extension Scientists & Staff, STEM Educators, Vocational Training Program Staff, Agriculture Nonprofits and NGOs, Ag Advisors, and other professionals working with farmers, youth and farming communities.


  • Dr. Jackson Gross, US Davis Assistant Professor of Cooperative Extension in Aquaculture
  • Nathan Kaufman, UC Davis Aquaponic Program Manager

Topics Covered

  • Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
  • Hydroponic Plant Production
  • Controlled Environment Ag.
  • Fish & Crops for your county
  • Food Safety & Marketing
  • Organic Certification
  • Guest Speakers and many more!

Free to attend. Limited space. To apply, send an email to

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