Panelist at the International Congress on Controlled Environment Ag


One of the most impressive features of the International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture, also know as the ICCEA2015 (, is the ever growing list of speakers and panelist.

Here is the current list of speakers:

  • Dr. Toyoki Kozai – Chiba University
  • Dr. Leo Marcelis – Wageningen University
  • Dr. Wei Fang – National University of Taiwan
  • Dr. Vasco Duke Hernandez – University of Panama
  • Dr. Michiko Takagaki – Chiba University
  • Dr. Toshitaka Yamaguchi – Chiba University
  • Dr. Ricardo Hernandez – University of Arizona
  • Dr. Yang Quichang – Institute of Environment and Sustainable Agriculture, China
  • Dr. Jung Eek Son – Seoul National University
  • Dr. Hiroshi Shimizu, Kyoto University
  • Mr. Caleb Harper, MIT
  • Dr. Don Wilkerson, Caliber Biotherapeutics
  • Dr. Nadia Sabeh, Senior Building Performance Engineer at Guttmann & Blaevoe
  • Mr. Paul Salina, Village Farms

Each of these speakers is qualified to have detailed discussions a variety of controlled environment ag/protected ag topics making this a unique opportunity to learn from and communicate with these influential leaders in their individual fields.

What makes the ICCEA2015 even more impressive is the growing list of panelist which includes:

  • Dr. Hugh Poole, Horticulture Industry Consultant
  • Dr. Erik Runkle, Michigan State University
  • Dr. Roberto Lopez, Purdue
  • Dr. Chris Currey, Iowa State University
  • Mr. Tyler Barras, Grower at The GrowHaus
  • Mr. Steve Oster, Lighting Designer and Engineer

Each of these panelist could easily qualify to be a speaker, and do speak at a variety of conferences around the world.

The event organizers are still looking for additional qualified panelist. If you have professional inexperience in any of these areas please contact the ICCEA directly.

  • Environmental Control Systems
  • Hydroponic Nutrient Strategies
  • Irrigation Systems and Water Management Strategies
  • Soilless Strawberry Production

If you have questions on any of the comments made, please let me know.


Chris Higgins