Next Indoor Ag-CONversation: Greenshaus Inc. Imagining Energy-Efficient, Local Foood Production

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JOIN THE NEXT CONVERSATION September 7, 2022 at 2pm ET

Greenshaus Inc.: Imagining energy-efficient, local food production in Ontario

Greenhouse Success Story: Growing leafy greens with less fossil fuels, less electricity

During this 60-minute conversation, we will share the story of a successful commercial greenhouse operation in Ottawa, Ontario that grows leafy greens for the community using less fossil fuels and electricity than a traditional greenhouse or indoor farm.

Using geothermal energy with a smart lighting system and strategy, greenshaus inc. is achieving year-round food production while retaining low operating costs and a small carbon footprint.

We’ll discuss the design of the facility, the smart lighting equipment and layout, the research that is being conducted in the greenhouse and what this all means for the future of local food production in both Ontario and internationally.

Join our panelists:

  • Rob Lyle, Founder | Managing Director, greenshaus Inc
  • Dr. William David Lubitz, P.Eng. , Associate Professor in the School of Engineering, University of Guelph
  • Hervé Maumus-Hue, Engineer, Ceres Greenhouse Solutions
  • Craig Adams, Founder, California LightWorks

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