JPFA‘s 138th Workshop now online, The Future of Plant Factory

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Japan plant factory association (JPFA) is delighted to inform that its 138th workshop, online viewing, has just started and will be available until July 15th at 13:00 (JST). 

The sessions include the presentation of 80 Acres Farms on tomato production in PFAL/indoor vertical farms, in addition to in-depth discussion with JPFA, mainly on the difference between tomato production in PFAL and greenhouse, a survey report on the impact of COVID-19 by JPFA and a lively panel discussion on the production/hygiene management, future perspective and market creation, etc. with leading plant factory companies from Japan and China, such as 808 Factory, greenLand, Saladbowl and Future Agro-tech, all together with Dr. Kozai and Dr. Maruo, researchers on plant factory and indoor breeding from JPFA and Chiba University.

JPFA‘s 138th Workshop/Online viewing

The Future of Plant Factory – Challenges/Impact of COVID-19, Future Role and Direction of Plant Factory


Free viewing will be available from 13:00 (JST) on June 30 to 13:00 (JST) on July 15, 2020.


As coronavirus disease (COVID-19) creates challenges worldwide, we feel concerted effort is crucial to our sector more than ever before.
The global challenges/impacts of COVID-19 in the sector, the future role, possibilities and direction of plant factory will be discussed to rethink about what we can do together for our future.   


Ⅰ.Keynote: “Beyond Leafy Greens: Tomato Crop Production in Indoor Farms” 

Mike Zelkind (80 Acres Farms)

Discussion session 

Ⅱ.“Report on COVID-19 survey by JPFA” Eri Hayashi (JPFA)

Ⅲ. Panel discussion: “Challenges/Impact of COVID-19, Future Role and Direction of Plant Factory” 




How to watch

Advanced registration is required. 
Registration deadline: 13:00 (JST) on July 14, 2020

After the registration, you will receive the link with access to the workshop videos. 

Please apply one by one.

If you cannot access the registration website, please send us the email with your “name”, “organization”, “country” and “questions to the webinar speaker/panelists(optional)” to

For more information

JPFA Workshop website: 


We would also like to express our appreciation to everyone that joined our survey on the impact of COVID-19 (Vol.1). Your contribution meant a lot to us. 

We look forward to your registration and further input to our future surveys.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Japan Plant Factory Association (JPFA)
International Relations & Consulting
Nozomi Hiramatsu/Eri Hayashi

About Japan Plant Factory Association/JPFA

Japan Plant Factory Association (JPFA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 and is devoted to academic and business advancements in the global industry of plant factory/controlled environment agriculture. Our mission is to develop and disseminate sustainable systems that can address global challenges: food, environment, energy, resource and people’s health. With international industry-academia collaborations, we manage around 20 R&D projects, workshops, training courses, etc. based in a Chiba University campus in Kashiwanoha, a smart city in Japan.

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