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It pays in the climate change and coronavirus pandemic era of supply chain disruptions to look at the plant factory business from a clients’ perspective, and that is why the Japan Plant Factory Association is offering a new training course.

The JPFA will run a new online training course in English on plant factories with artificial lighting (PFALs) on Feb. 25-March 15, 2022, which allows you to learn how large-scale PFALs in Japan ensure stable supply and quality for clients, a crucial point in business operations in such an era.

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The science-based practical course has special content which includes detailed explanations, provided with examples, about what an expert at the operator of greenLand PFALs views as important in its operations. The explanations are given from a marketing perspective.

Another special content class, A Close Look inside a Large-Scale Commercial PFAL (808 Factory), tells you how the plant factory is operated to serve its role.

Phenomics and Potential of Phenotyping is among the special content too, along with Hands-on Technical Training on PFAL Business Management.

The coming course is offered online and not on-site due to the pandemic, but it allows participants to acquire specific and practical know-how in addition to theories and other academic knowledge.

Participants can join a live online question-and-answer session scheduled for early March to put their questions to experts.

For beginners, the course has introductory classes about PFAL principles and the basics, such as photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration, light environment and plant growth, nutrient solution and hydroponic cultivation, as well as about forthcoming technologies and PFAL business management.

For a basic understanding of hydroponic cultivation, for example, Cultivation Management discusses seeding to precooling, and Cultivation Processes Demonstrated gives virtual hands-on demonstrations of such matters as how to handle and transplant seedlings.

Not only JPFA members but also nonmembers can join the course to be run on a specified platform and available anytime at your convenience and anywhere in the world during the course period. Participants can interact with each other on the platform.

The first-rate lecturers of the coming course include Toyoki Kozai, professor emeritus and former president of Chiba University who recently released a new co-edited book about plant factories, and Chieri Kubota, professor at the Ohio State University.

The JPFA oversees a plant factory hub on the Chiba University Kashiwanoha campus in Kashiwa, northeast of Tokyo. The nonprofit organization has shifted from on-site to online training due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has yet to be behind us with the Omicron variant spreading fast.

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