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Last session on 2 March emphasizes the importance of resilience 

To mark the Year of Plant Health, Koppert Biological Systems initiated the webinar series ‘Plants for Life, Plants to survive’ in December last year to highlight the importance of plant health and how it is linked to human health. In this inspiring series, keynote speakers shine their light on various aspects of plant and human health, and discuss their viewpoints with an online audience of young professionals, scientists, entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, chefs and government reps; in short anyone with a passion for plants and people.


The closing session of the three-part series ‘Plants for Life, Plants to survive’, will take place on March 2 and will focus on resilience by introducing a new visual arts platform, Resilience Food Stories ( Photographer Ruud Sies and Creative Producer Hanneke van Hintum put the spotlight on the world of sustainable agriculture and horticulture, visiting high-tech greenhouses, but also smallholders.

Resilience Food Stories is a storytelling platform that shares the wonder and admiration of the series’ creators concerning the developments and possibilities of sustainable agriculture and horticulture. It shows that only sustainable agriculture and horticulture that make use of natural principles can make food production worldwide healthier, safer, more productive and resilient. The complex worldwide subject of food production becomes a matter of real people and their exciting and hopeful stories, which are extraordinary and inspiring, but also instructive, moving and funny.

Webinar guests
During this last session, we will reflect on various aspects of resilience related to food production and human health, illustrated by different stories featured on the platform. What does resilience actually mean for both plants and people? And how can we communicate its importance and the role of the horticultural sector in safeguarding this resilience to the outside world?

We will discuss these issues and more with Hanneke van Hintum, Creative Producer of Resilience Food Stories and Maaike Groot, Manager Public Affairs at East West Seed.

This webinar series is facilitated by horticultural webinar organizer, Jungle Talks. If you wish to join this session on March 2, please register via this link:
Did you miss the previous sessions? Watch the recordings here: and

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