International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture 2015


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As stated last week The International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture is starting to really take shape. Focus will be on the six components of CEA (controlled environment agriculture.) This includes: Managing the Environment, Managing Nutrient Solutions, Managing your Growing System, Managing Light, Managing Water and Managing Energy.

Announcing the KEYNOTE SPEAKER!

We are honored to announce that Dr.Toyoki Kozai, Professor Emeritus at the University of Chiba in Japan, has agreed to speak about his experiences and philosophies in area of developing PFAL’s (Plant Factories with Artificial Lighting, in other countries referred to as city farms or vertical farms.)

Dr. Kozai and Chiba University have been working on the development of smart cities (which include PFAL’s) since the early 2000’s. Chiba University has developed the Plant Factory Project Area which includes a variety of greenhouses, two PFAL’s totaling 613 m2 as well as transplant production systems, grading and packing systems, waste processing and training facilities.

As one of the most experienced researchers in PFAL’s, Dr Kozai will set the tone for the conference highlight the most important factors in starting, developing and managing a successful vertical farming project.

Join us in welcoming him to Panama in May of 2015.

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