Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) for Food Production and Environmental Stewardship


Greenhouse grown tomatoesThe CEAC is offering the January 2016 Intensive Courses on Hydroponic Tomato and/or Hydroponic Lettuce Production in Tucson, AZ. You can attend the Tomato specific course from January 3 – 8, the Lettuce specific course from January 8 – 10, or both courses from January 3 – 10. Where else can you receive a semester of university coursework in one week? The hydroponic crop intensives feature over a semester’s worth of course content presented strategically throughout the week to allow business professionals and growers to minimize their time away from home. The courses will combine classroom time with time in the greenhouse in order to put the lessons learned by lecture into real world practice. The Intensive Courses start from the beginning, but move quickly and are meant for growers of all levels. The instructors, hydroponic tomato specialist Dr. Pat Rorabaugh and lettuce/business expert Myles Lewis, MS, have years of experience teaching the intensive courses and available to answer your questions every step of the way.


Throughout the week, students in the Combined Crop Intensive will receive over a twenty hours of training in a hydroponic greenhouse and over 35 hours of discussion and lecture in the classroom in order to effectively teach them to grow hydroponically in a greenhouse. Both the tomato and lettuce courses will feature a round table discussion with greenhouse engineers on Friday, January 9, where students can ask experts questions regarding their greenhouse design and operations. We will conclude Friday the 9th with dinner and lecture on the current state of CEA with Dr. Merle Jensen. As an experienced industry professional who attended the 2015 course wrote, “This course was the best short course I have taken during my career. The mix of hands-on learning and lecture is just right. The students came from diverse parts of our industry and definitely added to the experience. Hats off to U of A’s CEAC, leaders in our industry.” We invite you to come to Tucson to learn about hydroponic greenhouse growing and enjoy the warm winter weather!


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The course program and registration information can be found on the CEAC’s website at If you have questions please contact Aaron Tevik by phone at 520-626-9566 or by email at

CEAC’s Mission is to: Expand the science, technology, engineering and practical application of CEA while optimizing the use of water, energy, labor, land and other resources; Extend the knowledge of CEA to students, growers, faculty, governments, international non-governmental organizations, financiers and CEA’s constituent industries and Demonstrate that our research can resolve CEA plant production challenges such as harsh conditions, scarce resources, and societal concerns with educational applications of CEA technology.