Agritecture to Host Pre-Event Urban Farm Planning Workshop at 2022 Indoor Ag-Con Las Vegas

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Agritecture Designer Workshop Set For February 27, 2022 | 2 – 5 PM
Caesars Forum, Las Vegas, NV

Press Release — Urban and controlled environment agriculture advisory firm Agritecture will host the pre-event workshop, “Planning Your Commercial Urban Farming Business,” on Sunday, February 27, 2022 – the day before Indoor Ag-Con opens — February 28 – March 1, 2022 at Caesars Forum, Las Vegas, NV. Focused on providing participants with a clear understanding of how to think strategically and avoid mistakes when planning an urban farming business, the three-hour workshop will run from 2 – 5 pm.

Participants will receive access to Agritecture Designer, Agritecture’s proprietary urban farm planning software. This workshop will utilize Agritecture Designer and participants will work in teams to complete a design workshop to explore how urban agriculture might fit in with their current projects or long-term goals.

Workshop participants will also meet and hear from some Agritecture Designer Partners and Indoor Ag-Con exhibitors, including Ceres Greenhouse Solutions and Montel.

The Agritecture workshop is an optional pre-event workshop add-on available to Indoor Ag-Con attendees for just $150. To learn more and sign up, visit

“We are excited to partner with Agritecture to bring this comprehensive educational opportunity to our grower audience,” says Brian Sullivan, owner|partner, Indoor Ag-Con, LLC. “Participants are sure to find this workshop to be a great way to kick off their Indoor Ag-Con experience. Not only will it help them strategically navigate the concurrent Indoor Ag-Con and National Grocers Association Show events that start the next day, the workshop adds even more networking, market research, and partnership development opportunities to help grow their businesses.”

Led by Agritecture’s Director of Digital Strategy, Ricky Stephens; Marketing & Sustainability Lead, Briana Zagami; and Director of Consulting, Djavid Amidi-Abraham, the workshop outline includes:

Lesson 1 | Introduction to Commercial Urban Farming

• Understanding the full spectrum of urban agriculture solutions & impact categories

• Key lessons learned from current case studies and past failures

• How to position your farm for success

Lesson 2 | Choosing Your Equipment, Crops & Marketing

• Greenhouse vs. Vertical Farm considerations

• An introduction to hydroponic systems

• Understanding lighting options, nutrient solutions, air flow, and CO2 enrichment

• How to conduct proper market research

• Marketing & selling your product

• Evaluating various sales channels

Lesson 3 | Presentations from Partners, including

• Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

• Montel

Design Workshop | Participants will be broken into teams

Teams will develop an urban farming concept based on a selected site location and parameters using Agritecture’s proprietary urban farm planning software, Agritecture Designer.


WHAT: Premier trade show & conference for indoor |vertical farming and controlled
environment agriculture industry

WHEN: Monday, Feb. 28 – Tuesday, Mar. 1, 2022

WHERE: Caesars Forum, 3911 Koval Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89101

INFO: For information on exhibiting or attending visit or email

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