2021 Vertical Farming World Awards Winners Announced

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The winners of the 2021 Vertical Farming World Awards were announced on 21 September in an online awards ceremony during the 2021 Vertical Farming World Congress.

The inaugural awards were organised by food and drink experts Zenith Global, with support from Headline Sponsor Cultivatd and Category Sponsor Light Science Technologies.

Celebrating excellence and innovation across the global vertical farming industry, 18 winners have been awarded across the 16 categories.

The Winners

Best Crop Innovation

  • 80 Acres Farms – 80 Acres Farms

Best Crop Enhancement

  • Moleaer Inc – Nanobubbles

Best Yield Improvement

  • Moleaer Inc – Nanobubbles

Best Lighting Development

  • Fluence by OSRAM – RAZR Modular System

Best AI/Automation Development sponsored by Light Science Technologies

  • Bowery Farming – Crop Imaging Software

Best Climate Control Innovation

  • Eden Green Technology – Eden Green Technology

Best Farm Design Innovation

  • Spread – Techno Farm

Best Energy Efficiency

  • LettUs Grow/Octopus Energy – Vertical Power energy tariff

Best Sustainability Initiative

  • Light Science Technologies – nurturGROW

Best Water Saving Initiative

  • 80 Acres Farms – 80 Acres Farms

Best Community Initiative

  • AeroFarms – AeroFarms First Municipal Vertical Farming Project with Jersey City and The World Economic Forum

Best Profitability Improvement

  • Eden Green Technology – Eden Green Technology

Best Brand Marketing

  • Bowery Farming – Mustard Frills

Best Retail Innovation

  • Bowery Farming – Farmer’s Selection

Best At Home Innovation

  • La Grangette – An extraordinary home farming experience
  • Urban Cultivator – Urban Cultivator Residential

Best New Business

  • Unfold – Unfold
  • Planet Farms Italia SocietĂ  Agricola Srl – A Sophisticated Industrial Approach to Vertical Farming – Planet Farms

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