University of Arizona Intensive Course will focus on hydroponic greenhouse tomato production

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The Hydroponic Greenhouse Tomato Production Intensive Course will be conducted Jan. 4-9, 2015, at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Hosted by the university’s Controlled Environment Agriculture Center, the course will focus primarily on hydroponic greenhouse tomato production. The course will be taught by hydroponic specialist and professor of plant sciences Pat Rorabaugh.

Course participants will be provided a combination of classroom lecture and discussion and hands-on learning in a hydroponic greenhouse. Classroom topics include: greenhouse basics, production costs and supply sources, plant propagation, crop layout and scheduling, crop maintenance, plant nutrition, plant protection and food safety. Teaching greenhouse discussions will cover: crop training and pruning, plant maintenance, plant pollination, fertilizer preparation, pest identification and control and harvesting and grading.
Participants will receive over a dozen hours of training in a hydroponic greenhouse and over 30 hours of classroom discussion and lecture that will effectively instruct them on how to hydroponically produce greenhouse tomatoes. The course will also feature a round table discussion with greenhouse engineers, where participants can ask experts questions about greenhouse design and operations. A closing dinner will feature a presentation by University of Arizona professor Merle Jensen, who will discuss the current state of controlled environment agriculture.


For more: Aaron Tevik, University of Arizona, CEA Building, Tucson, Ariz.;; (520) 626-9566.

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