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Send a message to your representatives that you support the NOSB’s decision to uphold aquaponics’ and hydroponics’ Organic eligibility

Click here for a Sample letter to Congress expressing support for the NOSB’s Organic decision

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There are two main reasons it is a great time to message your political representatives about the NOSB’s recent Organic decision:

  1. As long as there are strong interests against organic aquaponics/hydroponics, this issue is not truly dead. At some point Congress’ influence could come into play, and we need them to know we are here.
  2. We need to develop relationships with our political representatives. The Organic decision is an excellent opportunity to show them we are here and we are watching.
    In the weeks to come the Aquaponics Association we will begin the 2018 Farm Bill campaign to inform members of Congress about our industry. The Farm Bill will direct the spending of over $450 Billion and it only happens once every 5 years. If they hear from us on the Organic decision NOW, then our message will resonate better once we contact them about the Farm Bill in a few weeks.

Here are some handy tips for messaging your Members of Congress now expressing support for the NOSB’s recent Organic decision:

  • Most Members of Congress will have online comment forms you can use to easily submit a letter.
  • Send a copy to your two Senators and one Representative.
  • You can also call offices and ask to speak to their agriculture staff member, and ask to email them a copy.
  • You can mail hard copies for more effect, but be aware that letters to DC offices go through a multi-week safety screening, so consider mailing hard copies to their district offices instead.
  • Feel free to edit the sample text however you like, or write your own.

For questions or comments email

Click here for a Sample letter to Congress expressing support for the NOSB’s Organic decision

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