Sakata Seed America Increases Food Donations to Yolo Food Bank

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Morgan Hill, CASakata Seed America, through its Woodland Innovation Center, significantly increased the volume of fresh produce donations to the Yolo Food Bank in Woodland, CA.

“Sakata Seed has been an amazing partner,” says Aliyah Moreno, Yolo Grown Program Coordinator for the Yolo Food Bank. “We have received various types of crops such as melons, watermelon, squash, tomatoes and
peppers. Yolo Food Bank puts these crops to use by distributing them to the 60,000 Yolo County residents that we serve.”

During 2020, Sakata Seed donated over 37,000 pounds of fresh produce through the Yolo Food Bank program. Since Sakata established the Woodland Innovation Center in 2015, the company has made donations to the program, but significantly increased the volume during 2020. “With the pandemic, we saw a drastic increase in client need and attendance at our sites. Having such a huge increase in donations this past year was SO helpful and appreciated by so many people,” Said Moreno.

Sakata Seed America President/CEO, Dave Armstrong links the Yolo Food Bank donations to a larger program within the company. “We’ve recently launched our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) throughout Sakata’s global operations. We are focusing on the United Nations SDGs where we feel Sakata can make a specific impact—with reducing hunger being one of our aligned goals. We are focused on developing seed varieties that are resilient in multiple growing environments, and the donations from WIC are part of those research and breeding efforts.”

Sakata Seed America’s corporate values include focusing on sustainability and harmony in service to people and earth. According to Armstrong, “We’re making a concerted effort to align our company’s vision and values in order to be good corporate citizens. Making these type of donations puts our vision and values into action.”

About Yolo Food Bank
For 50 years, Yolo Food Bank has elevated the common good for the people and communities of Yolo County by reducing poverty and elevating food security. Founded as a volunteer-run backyard gleaning program, Yolo Food Bank now is a Feeding America partner serving the nutrition needs of more than 45,000 Yolo County residents each month.

About Sakata Seed America, Inc
Headquartered in Morgan Hill, CA, Sakata Seed America is a major research, seed production and marketing-distribution subsidiary of Sakata Seed Corporation, established in 1913. Sakata Seed America, which recently celebrated its 40 th anniversary, serves as the headquarters for the North American/Central American operations. Their mission is to quickly and efficiently meet industry expectations for quality seed, innovative genetics and excellent greenhouse and field performance.

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