Job searching in horticulture?

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Looking for a job in horticulture?

We have some current job opportunities you might be interested in:

SVP of Production (Multi-Site Vegetable Greenhouses)

High growth is forecasted with localized distribution throughout the year.  Prior P&L experience over a minimum of 15 years is expected with cross-functional strategic leadership with the COO, real estate, production, sales and growers.  BS and MBA required.  Travel required.

VP Engineering & Design (Multi-Site Vegetable Greenhouses)

Possessing a BSEE, BSME, or BSCE, and current professional license, this executive will oversee multiple concurrent projects in diverse locations in the West and Midwest.  A prior background in large infrastructures focused on food production and process engineering delivering real-time data applications will be required.  MEP design experience preferred.  Travel required.

Head Grower and Production Manager (Two Positions) Western U.S.

Delivering the freshest, tastiest, locally grown produce close to home.  Responsibilities include all QA and QC production activity.  Basics for processes, infrastructure, and techniques to deliver consistently reliable high quality crops.  Will be responsible for yields, nutrients, pest management, and continuous R&D initiatives – all supported by leadership by training, consistent system management, food safety practices,  and feedback data under the management of these two leaders.

If interested in any of these positions, email for more information.

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