Indoor Ag Science Cafe explores Japan Plant Factories with Eri Hayashi

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Plant Factories and Indoor Farming Innovations in Japan

Japan is a leader in the world of indoor farming. At the heart of their success is a non-profit organization, the Japan Plant Factory Association (JPFA), and Eri Hayashi, its Vice President. Find out more about this sophisticated collaboration between academia, industry, and government. See the ways several of Japan’s indoor farm companies use technological advances, sophisticated production efficiency measures, and data-driven operations to promote high productivity and uniformity. Find out what innovations are driving what Hayashi refers to as the fourth generation of plant factories with artificial light. 

Indoor Ag Science Café is an outreach program of the OptimIA project, funded by the USDA SCRI grant program. Interested parties can join the free café forums, live or recorded ( The café forum is designed to serve as a communication platform among scientists and indoor farming professionals. 

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