Horticoop acquires 100% of Smartcoat shares

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Horticoop BV is set to take over the remaining 20% interest in Smartcoat owned by the French business Finoxa BV by the end of 2020. This will mean that the manufacturer of shading products will be fully controlled by Horticoop BV.

With its characteristic brands Redusystems and Sudlac, Smartcoat is active in more than 50 countries as a producer of the innovative coatings and cleaning agents which allow growers to control their greenhouse climate even more effectively. In addition, Smartcoat is active as a supplier of line-marking paint for sports.

This expansion of the interest in Smartcoat forms part of Horticoop’s strategic transition process. Horticoop is strongly committed to stimulating innovation within the industry and to improving profitability for its members. Horticoop wants to create value for its stakeholders and contribute to a healthy future for horticulture – including greenhouse horticulture.

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