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Are you a self-directed individual looking to take your horticulture experience to new horizons?

If so, GoodLeaf Farms would love to hear from you!

At GoodLeaf Farms we are focused on producing local and ultra-fresh greens, without pesticides. We do this in an innovative way using efficient vertical farming. We have an R&D farm in Bible Hill, NS and Canada’s first and only commercial scale vertical farm in Guelph, ON and are rapidly growing to other regions across Canada.

GoodLeaf Farms has a strategic partnership with and investment from McCain Foods Limited, the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen potato products and a global leader in appetizers and snacks. This partnership enables the successful candidate to experience rapid innovation, entrepreneurship and be part of a new revolution in controlled environment agriculture, a new technology to grow fresh and nutritious leafy greens of the highest quality and flavour, in an environmentally sustainable way, 365 days per year!

We are recruiting for a Horticulture Specialist to join our Horticulture and Operations Team as we focus on continuous improvement. In collaboration with our Head Grower, this role will develop and maintain horticulture process quality control and verify the structure around the growing practices of GoodLeaf Farms. The Horticulture Specialist will provide guidance and assistance to operational and horticulture staff to ensure the continuous growth of a top-quality product for our customers.

We are also recruiting for a Vertical Farming Technician II- Horticulture for our Horticulture Team who will be a key support in the day to day functions of the department. This role will ensure our automated systems are maintained as required by the Head Grower. The VFT II – Horticulture will provide guidance and assistance to operating staff to ensure GoodLeaf Farms continues to offer a top-quality product to our customers.

Want to join GoodLeaf Farms? Candidates are asked to submit their resumes by email to the attention of Amelia Robertson, HR Administrator,

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