EAT THIS! dives into sustainable investments in controlled environment production

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PRESS RELEASE – This webinar series, named ‘Eat This’ is a close collaboration between NethWork and World Horti Center. Both organizations want to connect the horticultural sector with the world beyond horticulture. Renee Snijders and Ed Smit of NethWork will present these weekly webinar sessions.  

During weekly webinar sessions, thought leaders in the field of food will share his/her vision on (the future of) healthy food.

Following last week’s session with Henry Gordon Smith. Dave Chen, CEO of private equity firm Equilibrium, will explain in more detail his firm’s vision on purposeful, sustainable investment in controlled environment production and why this way of investing is so important for the future of the horticultural sector. In the past few years, his private equity firm Equilibrium invested more than 100 million USD in horticultural projects and there’s much more to come. Purpose driven investment and sustainability are key to his business.

He strongly agreed with Henry Gordon Smith and also with Meiny Prins that food production in and near the cities is becoming more important. The current crisis will only accelerate the developments towards food systems based on short(er) chains, resilience and with a regional focus. These developments will have a great impact on the future (geographical location and role) of horticulture.

He also argues that the current advances in technology that take place at break-neck speed, call for open minds and out-of-the-box thinking. To this end, attracting outside talents with different backgrounds and competences to work in horticulture is crucial for further development of the sector. 

Dave Chen will explain his vision on ‘the future of food’ in more detail during the upcoming EAT THIS! session, taking place on June 3 from 16.00 hrs CET onwards.
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