‘Controlled Environment Production for Safer Leafy Greens’ by Paul Lightfoot (BrightFarms)

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Paul Lightfoot presented the competitive advantages of indoor and greenhouse growing and locally distributing leafy greens as oppose to more conventional outdoor production. He also introduced the new CEA Food Safety Coalition, inviting indoor and greenhouse farms to be a member. Indoor Ag Science Café is an outreach program of our project OptimIA, funded by USDA SCRI grant program. The café forums are designed to serve as precompetitive communication platform among scientists and indoor farming professionals. The Café presentations are available from YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjwIeYlKrzH_uppaf2SwMIg4JyGb7LRXC   Contact Chieri Kubota at the Ohio State University (Kubota.10@osu.edu) to be a Café member to participate. 

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