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Press Release – After 9 years of successfully designing and marketing custom made Growtainers® and providing Consultant Services for commercial clients worldwide, CEA Advisors is pleased to announce that they have formed a new division to focus on the legal Cannabis Industry. Recently we have completed the design process for the first competitively priced shipping container farm specifically designed and built for cloning and young plant production. “Although I grew indoors many years ago, I spent more than a year discussing today’s technology and the specific requirements of this crop with industry experts and component manufacturers and when I was sure we could execute, we began the design and manufacturing process,” said Glenn Behrman, founder of Greentech Agro LLC and CEA Advisors LLC.

Each fully equipped, plug and play 20’ fully insulated container-based Clone Facility has a separate utility area and provides climate controlled vertical production space for cloning and mother plant storage. Each unit is specially designed for maximum efficiency and workflow. Besides our dedicated technology for the ebb and flow irrigation system installed, a state-of- the-art water monitoring and dosing system and high-pressure fog system, each production area is equipped with energy efficient LED production modules, offering wavelength and intensity specifically designed for cloning and vegetative growth. The LED environment for cloning provides light levels from 50 to 100 micromoles with an incremental increase as the plant becomes established and the Mother plant storage area provides up to 700 micromoles for faster vegetative growth. In addition, each clone factory provides a warm, humid LED lit micro climate for germinating seeds. Based on the current configuration, each unit is capable of producing 1080 4” pots per cycle or substantially more in standard 1020 trays.

We’re in the process of finalizing agreements with some of the world’s top Cannabis consultants to provide marketing, sales and technical support for our clients. We have already bought on board a Container modification expert with over 20 years of hands on experience to manage our agreement with the world’s largest container manufacturer to provide large quantities of ISO certified 20’, 40’ and 45’ Container Farms for quick deployment for all stages of growth in the food production, research and international cannabis market.

For more information contact us by email at GB@cea-advisors.com

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  1. I would love to have one or two since I have my license to grow hemp here in Tennessee. It sure would make things a lot easier! Thanks Larry

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