LED Lighting for vertical farms, multilayer production systems, propagation and tissue culture laboratories – Arize™ by Current powered by GE

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Arize™ horticulture LED lighting products, developed by Current powered by GE, are engineered for typical indoor growing applications, including growth chambers/rooms, greenhouses, hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic facilities and vertical farms.

These easy-to-install LED fixtures are available in 2, 4- and 8-foot light bars.


“The Lynk and Life products can be daisy chained from end to end or with a leader cable which significantly reduces cost and time typically required for installation.” Says Sharee Thornton, Product Manager at GE. The daisy chain installation allows users to connect multiple light bars in succession without having to worry about external drivers due to its integrated driver.


“We made this product keeping the customer in mind.” Says Sharee. “The Lynk and Life products allow our customers to do exactly that. They plug in the light bars and set them in place, keeping the focus on flourishing plant growth.”


Arize™ Lynk and Life fixtures provide a uniform light output for even growth, ensuring all plants receive supplemental lighting. Depending on the application, Arize™ Life and Lynk products are available in various light spectrums

  1. Purple: which provides a mix of red and blue on the spectrum and allows photosynthesis with maximum absorption of light.
  2. Pink: For sustaining plant growth
  3. White (Arize™ Lynk only): a mix of colored lights tuned and optimized to allow for ideal growth conditions


Each light spectrum is engineered keeping plant growth as priority. Helping promote reproductive, vegetative or a balanced growth stage. Arize™ Lynk and Life products can be found on HortAmericas website at http://hortamericas.com/product-tag/ge/


Written by: Mehreen Akhter

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