CEAC Greenhouse Plant Physiology and Technology Course – Week 1

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Urban Ag News is proud to feature Dr. Chieri Kubota’s class on Greenhouse Plant Physiology and Technology. Dr. Kubota was a professor at the University of Arizona and is moving to The Ohio State University this summer.

Week 1: Introduction

This lecture shows the various applications of controlled environment agriculture (or protected cultivation) to give a good introduction to this course.

7 thoughts on “CEAC Greenhouse Plant Physiology and Technology Course – Week 1

  1. Thanks UAN for providing access to Dr. Kubota’s course. I am beyond thrilled and looking forward to the remainder of the course. Is this ongoing or has it already happened? And will UAN be posting subsequent class meetings or should I find it elsewhere (She mentioned it is availabe online to her students….hope it is available to non-students as well).

    1. Dear Russ, Urban Ag News will be posting a new class of this course every Monday for the next several weeks. Stay tuned! Thank you.

      1. Thanks and I will be looking forward to it, but the class surely goes beyond “several” more weeks?

  2. I studied this course under Dr Kubota last year when she was in University of Arizona.

    This is in my opinion the best course on plants under controlled environment you can find out there. If there is one course that you can take in your lifetime, this is the one. Highly recommended and very enjoyable. I’m glad to see it easily accessible

    Dr Kubota rocks!

    1. Yes QAIS, she certainly does. Just learned the entire course is on youtube and has already completed. Can’t wait to complete my version of it. I only wish I could take the tests to see how I stack up with today’s students.

      1. Russ, very cool. Hope to still find your feedback on the classes as they pop up on Urban Ag News! 🙂

    2. Thanks for the comment QAIS! We agree with you on Dr. Kubota. She’s one of the best for sure.

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