Updates: ICCEA, Hort Americas and UrbanAgNews.com

Events Exclusives from Urban Ag News

2014 has been a pretty amazing year for both Hort Americas andUrbanAgProducts.com, but it appears 2015 is going to be even better!

First, as sponsors of the 2015 International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture in Panama we are excited to get confirmation that Prof. Leo Marcelis will be presenting on the 1st day of the Congress. Dr Marcelis is the Head of Horticulture and Plant Physiology at the University of Wageningen University in The Netherlands. Watch this video to learn more about

In addition, Hort Americas will also be sponsoring an e-Grow Webinar on Growing Lettuce and Culinary Herbs Hydroponically. We are equally excited to announce that this webinar will be presented by Dr. Chris Currey (Iowa State University) and Dr. Brian Krug (University of New Hampshire). Please make sure to register for the e-vent which will be held on February 20, 2015.

Finally, I would like to officially announce that the eMagazine UrbanAgProducts.com will officially change its name to UrbanAgNews.com. The first issue with the new name will be launched January 1, 2015. The first issue will highlight Greener Roots Farm in Nashville, Tennessee. Here’s a sneak peak.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next year!