Michigan State University 2017 Lighting Solutions Open House

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Helping growers learn about the latest advancements in supplemental, photoperiodic, and sole-source horticulture lighting and making the best decisions for their plants and business.

Learn from Michigan State University (MSU) leading lighting experts and researchers Erik Runkle, PhD, and Roberto Lopez, PhD, as they showcase their current studies and students in the MSU Research Greenhouses and then breakdown their wealth of knowledge and research into business-relatable terms.

Get educated then make a better informed and smarter decision on how to invest in greenhouse and indoor lighting technologies for vertical farms, tissue culture facilities, hydroponics, etc.


Click below for presentation PDFs:

Investing in LEDs, Runkle, Michigan St. Univ.

Photoperiodic lighting, Meng and Runkle, Michigan St. Univ.

Sole-source Lighting, Lopez and Park, Michigan State Univ.

Supplemental Lighting, Lopez, Michigan State Univ.

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