University of Arizona Hydroponic Tomato Online Intensive Workshop


The University of Arizona’s Controlled Environment Agriculture Center is hosting a Hydroponic Tomato Online Intensive Workshop – November 16th & 17th via Zoom (click here to register).

Taught by Dr. Stacy Tollefson, this two-day event is perfect for novice growers and will be packed with tons of critical information and research discoveries that UA-CEAC has assembled into their courses and programs for over 20 years. You will get access to numerous lecture materials, personal question follow-ups, certificate of completion, and tons of knowledge!

Topics of discussion will include:

·         Principles of hydroponics and vining crop systems

·         Propagation of seedlings

·         Transplanting and spacing

·         Cultivation practices and bees

·         Nutrient solutions

·         Fertigation systems and management

·         Environmental conditions

·         Common tomato problems

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