So You Want to Be a Successful Greenhouse Grower? Read This First


Most of us have had the dream or are dreaming right now (because you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t) about owning your own greenhouse. Dreaming about taking early morning walks through the peaceful rows of hydroponic modules filled with crisp greens. Savoring the taste of the freshest tomato ever, because you just pulled it from its vine, in your very own greenhouse.

I’ve been there. Believe me. I know your yearning, wholeheartedly.
I know how your ambitious drive is fueling your dreams.
I also know how that drive might, unintentionally, be inhibiting you from seeing some truths about what it really takes to own, operate, and ultimately be successful with your greenhouse operation.

That’s why we’re here — well — why Urban Ag Products is here. And that’s why we asked Bryan Hart, an industry consultant to share some of the greatest misconceptions he sees in greenhouse operations so that you — YOU — don’t make the same mistakes. And so you can focus your energy in the right direction.


In an easy-to-read fashion, Bryan’s tips and tricks are laid out in Q&A style so you can quickly grasp the significant points and get on with implementing your greenhouse dreams. He shares where growers make the biggest mistakes in cutting corners on equipment. Offers advice on how to take advantage of the rising demand for locally-grown food. And even touches on the controversial GMO debate.

If you’re serious about being a greenhouse grower, or struggling right now with your operation, read this article.


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