Innovators Calling Attention to Urban Agriculture — In a Big Way


We love sharing urban ag goodness. It’s a celebratory moment for all when we hear news such as Whole Foods building a rooftop greenhouse and partnership with Gotham Greens. And how The Farmery is creating their own version of what grocery shopping should look like. Both fascinating and exciting for our industry.

In our latest Urban Ag Products edition, there was a lot of goodness to share.


See a 60 minutes special edition featuring Columbia University Environmental Health Sciences Professor Dickson Despommier sharing the basics of hydroponics and his vision for the future.

You’ve heard about TEDx right? A viral hub for all things innovative, regardless of the industry. A hub where we found Roman Gaus, founder and CEO of UrbanFarmers, sharing his solution to elevate urban farming to the platform it deserves while feeding an ever-growing urban population. You have to watch the video here. Fascinating!

And if you’re looking for a motivational kick in the hiney or have a fine appreciation for those who like to test the limits, you’ll find that in guerrilla gardener, Ron Finley (ahem, also found on TEDx). Hear how he turned his hell-strip into a veg-strip, defied the city then gained their respect and has slowly beautified South L.A.’s food desert, all in a “preaching-from-the-pulpit-on-Sunday-morning fashion,” right here.