Choosing a substrate for hydroponic production

When selecting a substrate for growing hydroponic leafy greens, lettuces and microgreens, the type of production system should be one of the first factors considered. The type of hydroponic production system a grower is going to use can impact his choice of substrate. “Any system in which the water is being recirculated like nutrient film […]

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Hort Americas offers OMRI-certified Riococo coir substrates

Hort Americas offers several Riococo coir substrate products. Two of those substrates recently received OMRI certification for use in organic crop production. Riococo Coir Starter Blocks allow growers to propagate easier and faster to produce healthy plants organically. These biodegradable blocks are made from a 100 percent coir fiber compressed disc packed in biodegradable cellulose paper. […]

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