Five-day Introductory Training Course on Plant Factory with Artificial Lighting (PFAL)

In response to increasing global demands from indoor farmers, researchers and future entrepreneurs in the exciting emerging field of plant factory with artificial lighting (PFAL), also known as vertical farm, this coming October, Japan Plant Factory Association (JPFA) together with Chiba University will host an intensive five-day introductory training course in English on PFAL. Since […]

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Indoor Vertical Farming Jim Pantaleo

Indoor Vertical Farming 2015: What I’ve Learned

In August of 2014 I was burned out. The previous twenty years of my life were marked by a career as a software-licensing business development manager; half of this time spent with tech behemoth Hewlett Packard. My ‘field’ positions consisted of all-things corporate; like long days and nights on the road far from home and […]

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International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture is Almost Here! ICCEA 2015

Spring is simply flying by!  Its been one month since we released the Issue 9 of Urban Ag News.  This was by far our best and most read issue.  For those that have never read one of our issues, let me provide you an understanding of our mission: Our MISSION is to become the leading connector […]

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