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Urban Ag News Issue 16  | The Climate Management Issue |  January 2017

It’s 2017! What better way to kick off the New Year than with a new issue of Urban Ag News. Changes in the climate are always a hot topic—even during the winter. So Urban Ag News is releasing its Climate Management Issue. Issue 16 has several articles related to environmental control for greenhouses and controlled environment agriculture. Be sure to check out the latest issue which contains some great articles and videos on controlled environment agriculture and urban farming.

Urban Ag News Issue 16 cover story travels to the Caribbean paradise of The Bahamas. While warm temperatures, ocean breezes and plenty of sunshine might be ideal conditions for the natives and tourists, they aren’t necessarily the best for growing greenhouse vegetables. Lucayan Tropical Produce has been growing greenhouse vegetables in The Bahamas for 12 years, but it has taken some adjustments to find the best crops to grow on an island in paradise.

Dr. Nadia Sabeh, who is a mechanical and agricultural engineer, talks about the difficulties with trying to create the perfect greenhouse climate for growing plants. Regardless of the type of crop, Sabeh discusses controlling the variables, including temperature, humidity, light level and carbon dioxide, to maximize plant growth.

MightyVine has been producing greenhouse tomatoes in Rochelle, Ill., for just over a year. Although MightyVine has only been growing greenhouse tomatoes for a year, its sister companies have enabled its product to be sold to a variety of clients in multiple states.

Jim Pantaleo, Director of Business Development at Urban Ag News, looks at how hospital farms grow to heal. Hospital farms are a unique and scarce answer to address the challenge of providing healing and wellness through food. Many foods, including basil, collard greens, spinach, garlic and strawberries, are being successfully grown on available hospital land within onsite greenhouses or even indoors with the use of LED lighting.



On the cover: Lucayan Tropical Produce
Growing in the Bahamas isn’t always paradise

East Meets West Recap

Growing in a “perfect” greenhouse climate

Market diversification enables MightyVine to supply its greenhouse tomatoes to multiple clients

Will hydroponic and aquaponic production remain organic?

Hospital farms grow to heal

Japan Special Report by Eri Hayashi

ICCEA 2017 focuses on building a successful controlled environment agriculture business

News from the Industry features these and more

Local Roots Discloses Its Global Sustainable Indoor Farming Initiative
Colorado Aquaponics and Ceres Greenhouse Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Energy-Efficient Aquaponic Greenhouses to Market
Hort Americas now offers new and improved 23mm Bato clip
Alstroemerias to flower with Philips LED lights
The City of Atlanta’s Inaugural Aglanta Conference Where Growing Opportunity Meets Thriving Community
Water Conservation and Treatment Webinar Series for Greenhouse and Nursery Growers, 2017
Tour de fresh 2017
Bike out hunger
TruLeaf Closes $8.5-million Round of Financing  Former executive of Scotiabank joins TruLeaf board of directors
The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) National Organic Program (NOP) announces new draft guidance document
AMS Announces Final Guidance-Classification of Materials-Materials for Organic Crop Production
HydroGarden heralded as leading innovator in EEF’s Future Manufacturing Awards
Priva opens new branch office in Australia
USDA Officials Tour New York City’s “Urban Ag” Successes
LED Grow Lights Can Drastically Speed Up Flowering

Reprints powered by Light Hort

Enhancing Photosynthesis with Far-red Light at Different Intensities of Red/Blue or Warm White LED Light. By Shuyang Zhen and Marc W. van Iersel (the University of Georgia)

Comparison of energy consumption: greenhouses and plant factories. By Harbick, Kale and Louis D. Albright (2016).

Proposed standards developed for LED lighting. By E. Goto, K. Fujiwara and T. Kozai

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