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We are delighted to announce that we will hold a new online training course on plant factories with artificial lighting (PFALs) in English for July-August 2022.

The coming course will comprise introductory classes and specialized content.

Introductory classes will offer elementary theory and practice of PFALs, basic knowledge of cultivation and operational management, and keys to business success. Specialized content will cover practical methods, novel applications, a 60 mins virtual tour to commercial large-scale PFAL, and so on.

Participants will acquire specific and practical know-how as well as be guided through theories and academic knowledge. There will be a live online question-and-answer session during the course.

A special app used for the course will allow participants to interact with each other.

The alumni of the JPFA’s training courses in English in 2018-2022 are welcome to join the coming course.

For more details, please click here.

Duration: July 15 – August 3, 2022


 ▶First-time attendees: Click here.

 ▶The alumni of the 2018-2022 training courses: Visit the URL in the email sent to all the alumni.

*If you cannot access the registration website provided by SelectType, email us at

Information PDF: Information on JPFA 2022 Online Training Course on PFALs

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
We are looking forward to having you online!

■■■Contact Info■■■
Hori Koji/Hiramatsu Nozomi
International Relations and Consulting
Japan Plant Factory Association (JPFA)

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