5th Annual Controlled Environment Conference, Dallas, TX

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The Dallas Center is proud to announce the 5th annual controlled environment conference to be held on December 7 followed by a tour of Eden Green Technology, the high-tech vertical hydroponic systems in greenhouses in Cleburne, TX on December 8. We are grateful to Eden Green Technology who is graciously hosting a tour of their facilities.

We have assembled experts in controlled environment horticulture from The University of Arizona, Michigan State University, and Arizona State University, to present their latest research and share their expertise in their field.

We will also present our latest research from Dallas and Uvalde Centers.  Our latest faculty additions Dr. Kheirodin, entomologist, and Dr. Bhattarai, plant breeder, will introduce their new programs in controlled environment horticulture (CEH).

We invite you to attend our annual CEH conference and hope we can count on your continued support.

We strive to keep our registration fees reasonable. In-person registration is $150. This year, the conference includes a bus ride to Cleburne, TX to tour Eden Green greenhouses. Please note that the free bus ride has a 40-passenger capacity and seat reservation is first-come first-served. The registration fee also includes catered lunch and dinner.

Virtual attendance is again available this year and registration fee is reduced to $100.

You can register at https://agriliferegister.tamu.edu/hort-ev-030

Additional information is found at https://agriliferegister.tamu.edu/website/62425/

Please reach out to Dr. Genhua Niu (gniu@ag.tamu.edu) or I if you have any questions.

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