DLV GreenQ Courses Updated

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DLV GreenQ provides courses for (international) professionals in the greenhouse industry. In their practical research facility called the Improvement Centre new knowledge is generated through innovations on growing concepts, techniques and cultivation. Due to this, their courses and trainings are up-to-date and include the most recent developments in the sector.

The cultivation process is their main focus. Topics such as climate, irrigation, energy, CO2, plant physiology, crop health, greenhouse management and crop planning are areas that their company specializes in.

Based on this, they have renewed the courses below:

GreenQ-courses-2“Introduction to Greenhouse Management – Vegetables”
In this course the greenhouse management for vegetables is introduced to those who are (relatively) new in protected horticulture and are active in middle of upper layer of management. During this five-day intensive course basic management technology, crop cultivation and socio-economic managerial aspects will be highlighted.

“Introduction to Greenhouse Management – Floriculture”
Floriculture includes cut flowers, potplants and bedding plants and thus very broad in species and difficult to fully cover in one week. This course, however, will address the basics of floriculture and focus as much as possible on the crops of interest of the participants.

GreenQ-courses3“Advanced growers course – Rose cultivation”
The Rose cultivation course of DLV GreenQ is focuded on international growers who want to upgrade their rose production by having a better understanding of the crop and its demands. In this course aspects regarding propagation, substrate, fertilization and irrigation, greenhouse climate, crop management are discussed.

The DLV GreenQ education team consists of dedicated passionate staff consisting of international consultant/trainers and senior lecturers.

If you are interested in attending one of these courses or if you would like to know more about their trainings, contact Steven Madern.